What will following karma do for you…

Understanding what karma can do for you and your life. karma can change you life in the most positive of ways. Helping you Cleanse your mind of negativity and helping you to have a positive outlook on all things you come into contact with in your life. Imagine if you will waking up with a smile on your face. You greet everyone around you with an encouraging good morning. You step out the door to head to work and right off the bat someone cuts in front of you and turns. You just slow up, smile at them and let them go about their way without letting it effect you in any way. You don’t complain that it is raining, you are glad the flowers are getting watered so they will bloom soon. When you get to work a co-worker seems to be having a rough start to the day. You go to them and lend them a compassionate ear. Upon hearing the jest of their situation you console them and in a few moments their mood lightens and they smile. As you become more conscious of your actions. you will notice that person about to come out a door behind you. You stop and hold it for them without even giving it a thought. Without thought you will know that when you are close to a school or playground that children will not be watching as they play.

Karma will help you get more in tune with you and how you are interacting with those around you. You will become more conscious of other peoples feelings and the impact your thoughts and actions have on them. Karma will help you come to terms with negative emotions inside you that hamper your happiness all the time. Karma can help you realize that maybe all the arguments you seem to constantly have with the other person in your life might actually be caused by your negative attitude about most things.

That one is so easy yet so deep. Have a look at your life. are you perfect? Do you have undying compassion to all people no matter how they treat you. Do you stay positive and happy when someone is being rude to you? Do you never drive like you are the most important person on the road? the last time you saw a homeless person did you later feel the urge to make a donation to help the homeless? Be honest with yourself and you will see that most of the things that pop up in your life that seem to hamper you. Come back to you when you have been less than a good human and done something that hampers someone else’s life.

If you take the view of karma as I have. That it is a tool that helps you become a better individual. Helps us have a deeper love and understanding of ourselves. Helps us achieve a deeper compassion for those around us. Helps us achieve a level of true happiness in our lives. And helps strength our chosen faith. Then you too will use this tool to become a better more happier you.

The Founder