Challenge Yourself

To effect any change in your life you have to challenge yourself. If you are Sitting there on the couch, once again thinking about the things you would like different in your life.  Well on this day challenge yourself to make a positive change.  Write down some of those things you would like to change about your self or your life. Then right now pick one of the smaller changes you would like to see from that list. And write it on a separate piece of paper. Then start a list under it all the things you can think of that you need to do to effect this one small change in your life. Challenge yourself to see this one thing through to completion.
K-Posted-1Every journey begins with the first small step. This is your first step to changing all the things you want to see different in your life.  When you meet this challenge you just put yourself to. Repeat this process and challenge yourself with another small thing on your list. In short order you will feel yourself moving forward into the life you want and deserve.

Once you begin this journey to self change you will be unstoppable. Those around will start to see the new more positive person you are becoming. You will in turn motivate some of them as they enjoy the new you.

Taking one small step. Challenging yourself to one small change. Will awaken the you inside you that you have been seeking.

Stand up right now and stop thinking about change and take a small step towards your new future.

The Founder