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How people treat you is their karma. How you respond is yours…

d32d4700e2a75740ea05d83a88e9aa08One Saturday night we went out to dinner and to do some shopping. We were having a wonderful evening just the two of us. As we were finishing up and heading home. We were sitting in the turn lane at a stop light. we noticed a person in the lane next to us was wanting to get into the turn lane. Well okay,  I understood this and motioned to them that I would let them in front of us when the light turned green. They started ranting and raving and flipping us off. We looked at each other and laughed it off and drove off after the light changed.

  It would of been easy for us to let them spoil our mood and respond in kind to them. But we didn’t we just laughed and drove off.

  This is one example of paying attention to your karma. Being more understanding when someone is in a mood or having a bad day. And not responding back to them in anger. You do not have to always try to help the other person. But you do have to keep yourself in check and not jump down in their miserable moment with them. Sometimes the best help you can give a person is quietness and space to allow them to work through it for themselves.

Karma is not complicated. People make it out to be complicated.

What would you have done in this situation?

The Founder

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