The power of karma and the love of God…

The more positive your karma becomes the more rewarding your life will be. You will be happier with yourself.  You will experience a greater love from those who know you. You will have a greater abundance of things in your life. Adhereing to the principles of karma will do this. But, Just centering your lifes focus on the person that karma can help you become. Would be to ignore the

Prayer Medalliongreatest reward that you will receive for becoming a better person. The greatest reward is your relationship with your God. Does your God not want you to love yourself as he loves you? Does your God not want you to be respectful and forgiving of others. Does your God not want you to have happiness and abundance in your life? I am a Christian and my God wants all these things for me. For me personally the more karma helps me become a better person. The stronger my relationship with God is becoming.

As you are becoming aware of the things in your life you need to work on and change. Take a moment and pray to your God for his guidance and blessing along the way.

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