Karma is just karma…

Karma is just Karma
You can call a horse what ever you want to but the reality will always be that it is just a horse.
Karma literally means “deed or act,” but more broadly describes the principle of cause and effect. Simply stated, karma is the law of action and reaction which governs consciousness. In physics-the study of energy and matter-Sir Isaac Newton postulated that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Push against a wall. Its material is molecularly pushing back with a force exactly equal to yours. In metaphysics, karma is the law that states that every mental, emotional and physical act, no matter how insignificant, is projected out into the psychic mind substance and eventually returns to the individual with equal impact.

InfinityKarma is the principle of cause and effect. You cause a something good to happen you will get something good in return. Also true is if you cause or do something bad. Then that is what will come back to you. You can add what you like to karma. But the base definition of karma will be just that. You cause it, you receive it in return.

In some faiths they believe in reincarnation. So if you have good karma then in your next life you will be reincarnated to a better life. If you lived a life of bad karma then you are reincarnated to a worse form of being. Reincarnation is the ultimate reward or penality you receive at the end of this life. Based on the level of good or bad karma you attained in this life and previous lives. If this is your belief, That is your choice to do.

In the christian religion if you live your life free of sin or and have accepted Jesus as your lord and savior. Then you are at the resurection are rewarded everlasing life. If you do not live your life following god’s word and live a life of sin then you are punished and go to a everlasting place called hell.

I am a person that likes to look at things in their simplest form and form my opinion starting at that point. Karma is karma and is the law of cause and effect, based solely on a persons thoughts motivations and actions. The punishment or rewards of karma is the same no matter what your beliefs are. Simply put. If you put out goodwill towards others, good will will return to you. If you put out hate and disrespect towards others. Then that is what shall return to you.

It is our personal choice to believe where we will go at the end of this life. Under most beliefs you move on to another existence at the end of this life. Whether it is a better or worse existence is based on the kind of person you lived your life being. But one thing is pretty much a given. Is that you will not be liking where you begin your next life, if you live a life of bad karma in this life.

Just as a horse is a horse no matter what you want to call it. Karma is just karma in it’s pure base meaning. If you put good karma to work for you in your daily life. You will soon be reaping the new you that you are now sowing.

Put a touch of karma in the palm of your hand.

The Founder