Karma Is The Answer

Read This inspiring storyThey Walked Up to a Dog Who’d Been Chained And Left To Die…This Was His Reaction

Before I even read this story the sight of this poor helpless animal brought a tear to my eye. Just look into eyes and you can see his pain, Confusion. And even though he has been put through a life like this. You can see love in his eyes. The hope he must of been feeling that the person standing in front of him would help him. Free him from his misery and take him to a better place. Why would anyone do this to an animal? Why would anyone do this to anyone? This is a real heart breaking story. But is has a very happy loving ending. Read the whole story HERE.

Sometimes I have a very hard time praying for forgiveness for the things I see or hear people do. This was one of those times. But I do have some forgiveness in my heart for those that done this. Mostly because vengeance is mine saith the lord. I would not want to be there when the lord passes his judgement on this one.

This is just one of the millions of examples of the path humanity is on. People all over the world seem to be progressing towards attitudes of me-ism. Their compassion for other’s seems almost none existent.  There are many trying hard to stay civilized and have compassion for the people around them. This mean to each other spiral the world seems to be in, Is making that harder and harder to do these days.

Can all this that is happening in the world between the people of the world be stopped? Can the people of the world get back to a civilized existence together. I believe in my heart the answer to that is a resounding yes. This belief in my heart about the actual goodness in human nature, is what got me on the path to looking for an answer. I have spent years reading and studying the different aspects of being a human being. And looking for a common connection that we all possess with each other. Then one day after listening to the song “Imagine” By John Lennon. it hit me, karma

Karma is the one thing in each of us that gives us a inborn sense of humanity. Karma acts upon each of us as equals. In karma there are no separations by ethnic groups. There is no religions. Our geographical location means nothing. We are all just equal people. Treated the same and are given no excuse consequences based on our attitudes, motives and actions towards each other living thing.

Karma by it’s simplest definition is just this. You do good you receive good. You do bad you receive bad. it is the inherent law of cause and effect in each of us that guides us in getting along together. It resides as part of our inner voice that speaks to us when we do a good deed. And really speaks to us when we are about to do something bad. It warns us implicitly that there are consequences for our actions either way. It is our choice to listen to it or not. And there lies the solution to the world we live in today. If we listen to the inherent feelings in us and stop ignoring those feelings when we are about to do something bad that will harm another.  Everything negative that is happening in this world will slowly, one person at a time start to turn around. and the world would become a more peaceful place and we all really would have more happiness and harmony in our lives.

Try just for a day to do these three things. And see if your attitude about everything in your life does not start to change.

Balance In Life

Have more Respect for yourself.

Show more respect for other people .

Take responsibility for all your thoughts and actions.

If every person on earth became a more caring, compassionate person to all other people they encountered.  What do you think would happen in this world?

Put a touch of karma in the palm of your hand as a daily reminder that you want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

The Founder