Me-ism as I call it.  The gradual move of individuals to having less respect of the people around them. To a self centered exsistance which becomes the force of socialital break down.  As more individuals react to others lack of respect towards them with the same disrespect directed back. It becomes self perpetuating to the point where people are just rude to each other.

touch of karma selfie I seen an ad the other day by one of the current candidates for the highest office in the united states.  The jest of it was this. “ Just one wrong move” could set the world at war, just one wrong move. Scary thought isn’t it. Just ONE wrong move by some country of the world, could send the whole globe into a destructive chaos.

The world has progressed to a closer dependance on each other. But even though this dependancy on each other is growing daily. The seperation of the countries of the world is too growing.  That is the big picture of where I see the world is currently at. Just one wrong move.  What could possibly get the world as a whole to stop and look at where we are at.  A change that will allow all of us to exsist in cooperation with each other. At the same tame retaining our individualism as people and as countries. What is the answer?

Growing up with a dad that was a builder, fixer. He could build or fix just about anything. Oh he was not perfect at everything he made his share of mistakes.  It was in those mistakes that he taught me some valuable lessons.  One paticular lesson was that if you make a mistake don’t punish yourself harshly, learn from it.  Start by going back to the point of the error and begin again.

People, this world is just another star in the vastness of space without the people. Fix the people and the people will work together to make a cooperative world.  Give the people a common direction and they work together to exist in peace and in harmony with the other.  Fix the each person on their own personal level.

Each person of the world making a personal commitment to change from me-ism to equal and united-ism. Each person respecting themselves and sharing compassion and respect for the individuals around them.  As the people change so to will the attitudes of the countries of the world.  Everyone will retain their individualism. But will live in cooperation with each other so that all may live a meaningful, rewarding life in a world of cooperation and at peace.

Sound impossible?  Nope, I think not. Open your mind as you read on.

What if the whole world tapped into the concept of karma.  Through karma there is no race, No gender, No religion, No geographical seperation. All People are treated as equals. Every person shall reap what they sow. Those appointed to be as governors over the people would have a simple standard to follow. Each persons individual actions would determine the rewards/consequences that each individual would face.

Take it to the next level. The different countries of the world would cooperate as united through these same principles of karma. All coutries would treat other countries with respect. Would respect the sovernty of each other country. And would function as united to to reward countries that are a positive influence to the world and united in the consequences for any country that has a negative imact on the world.

A world of the people, by the people, for all the people. With rules based on each persons actions to either bettering the society they live or consequences for the detriment there of. Does this sound familiar?

This is why I has stated before that KARMA is the missing link. Karma is the one thing that all people of the world have in common on a fundamental level. Karma is inherent in all people and functions in each of us exactly the same. No gender, No race, No religion no geographical differences.  Karma gives out rewards/consequences to each person by the people in the society they live. Solely based on that persons positive or negative interactions in the society.

Put people in tune with the principle within themselves and this world will make positive changes on a fundamental level within each individual that will spread throughout society for the betterment of us all.touch of karma-imagine

If you are to build a proper house there are certain steps that you should follow.  If you want the people of the world to work towards cooperation and a better world to live in.  You have to unite people with one focus they all can work towards.  In todays world we are seperated by race, gender, religious beliefs and geography.

The principle of karma elimanates all of this and puts all the world on a equal united footing.  The world is in error so as reason dictates.  It is time to get back to the point where the error began and start again.


Put a touch of karma in the palm of your hand then ask the world to join you. And from that day forward the world will be a better place.

The Founder