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Just Imagine This For A Second…

Touch Of Karma PosterImagine that everyone bought in to the meaning of karma. Include politicians, business leaders, the folks in power… and our loves. Imagine if we were all accountable for our thoughts, deeds and actions. Imagine that everyone had a compassionate respect for everyone else.

Just sit back and close your eyes for a short time and just imagine this. The world is a happier place. The news is full of accomplishments of people. There are no wars going on. It is a more compassionate live and let live world.

If karma holds this power of change in the world. Then why are we all not opening our minds and our hearts to the change we all seek. And let karma bring us all together to correct the wrongs in the world?

Everyone is seeking a answer to stop the hate in the world. To bring peace to the world. To get the world to a unified mindset that we are all just equal people. Trying to live a rewarding fulfilling life here on earth. While we each dwell in our own beliefs of what happens at this life’s end.

The will be no technological advancement made. That will give us a newly discovered answer to the problems in the world. The answer to these problems resides already in each of us. And each of us individually must make a pledge to make changes with ourselves.

Karma is the answer. The question is can each of us put aside all the different opinions, come together under this unified set of guidelines. And save this world before it is too late?

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Power of forgiveness


“If a soul, knowing another soul has wronged it, forgives that soul and holds no lingering resentment … then one begins to receive mercy and forgiveness upon oneself. Now … if the purpose for forgiving another is simply to obtain forgiveness for oneself, then little is gained. But if one truly forgives … by understanding, through empathy and compassion, then there is no way one can avoid receiving forgiveness.”

— John Van Auken, referring to the Edgar Cayce material,
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