The ripples of Change


 If every person shares their prayers for peace with those around them. And they in turn join in and pray for peace with them. And then each of them share with those around them and so on.  In a short amount of time all people will be praying for peace and this unified voice for peace will be heard in all corners of the world. That is the power the pray for peace medallion can have on this world.  As more people join in the ripple will become larger and will spread faster. Before long it will be a wave of unified prayers that will be heard and felt around the world.  Each of your actions also cause ripples. Each of your actions has a impact on those around you, those you know and those you have just briefly met. Has someone ever ruined your mood and in return you were rude to someone else? You can stop a ripple from it’s chain reaction like this. Just simple do not let their misery effect you or your actions towards others. That is what is happening in the world today. People are not unified and combining their voice for change into a central focus. A unified voice of all people will start a ripple that smoothly moves from one person to another. Reaching out to all of the world. When this happens then the voice of the will of the people will effect change on earth. That is the basis of the pray for peace medallion. To have a central unified focus for the shared voice of all people.

Bringing the world back from defcon 4 on the brink of war. Used to not be as serious as it is today.  But today we are “One Wrong Move” away from global war. If something is not done to calm the anger and hatred between The Nations and people of the world. Millions upon millions of people will die in the next world war. That is reality because of all the nuclear capabilities in the world. Is human existence on earth on the brink of extinction.

All people must come together right now and help save the world. Help preserve our way of life. Help preserve our right to live a life here on earth. Protecting our children is of primary focus to every parent. Well if this importance to protect the children was brought back into central focus for every leader in the world. Then there would be a focus on making life better and safer for all children. I cannot even fathom to imagine how the building of a nuclear missile with the power to wipe out whole cities full of children. Can be seen as protecting the children. And considering the fallout from this nuclear missile once in the atmosphere. It can make its way back to where it came from. In Turn killing the children of the people who launched it.

The unified power of the people of the world. Will change the direction of the world. This unified will of the people will preserve our right to live on this earth. Will reinforce that all people were truly created equal. It is Now that all people must stand and ad their voice to the central unified demand for peace.

In closing consider this. Hindsight is 20/20 because you can look back at it and see the outcome. Foresight is never 20/20 because you cannot see the future and base your decision on it. But right now we can all have 20/20 foresight. Because if you look at the world today it clear to see that it on the brink of destroying life as we know it. We are at a crucial fork in the road. Down one path is suffering and destruction. Down the other is the right to live a full happy life here on earth.

Pray for peace and we all can live and build a world for many more generations of children.

Put a Pray For Peace Medallion in the palm of your hand………..

The Founder

Animation found on Tumblr HERE. I do not know who created this But I would like to Thank Them.