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The struggle within us effects the attitude the comes out of us.


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What People Believe is Vital to their Karma

By Stuart Wilde

Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix film, you can take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes, or you can take the blue pill and wake in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.


Some writers and commentators want to change people’s options, I’m not one of those. I think what people believe is part of the restriction of the karma they have designed for themselves; it will take them wherever they are supposed to go, one should not mess with that. Then if someone reads something and it changes their mind and sets them free, all well and good.

We are surrounded by tricks and traps set for us; disinformation is the main game of the official party line. If you are savvy you can feel out what is a lie, you can’t rely on officials to tell the truth as they manipulate people into a hellish state of control over their minds and actions.

22% of Americans believe the official story of 911.

You’d wonder what planet they are on, but it’s important to live and let live and allow everyone their way. I try with my concepts to set people free of control and domination, but some are not ready; freedom is too scary for some.  We have to grow up psychologically to accept freedom, just as I said recently truth is often more than people can take.

Humanity needs to grow but to that end the Internet is teaching us all, offering what is usually free information. It’s the gateway to the world’s eventual liberation, a way towards personal freedom as the lies fall and people become brave enough to stand their ground, and they teach that to the children that are coming up, so they are strong and free. It gives us encouragement, for now anyway, while it lasts.

First you have to comprehend most information is second hand and secondly you have to be humble and realize you probably don’t know very much at all. People say that on the spiritual journey the further they go, the more they realize they don’t know anything.

Be open, read stuff you don’t agree with, see what others believe even if it’s not your cup of tea, that way you are not as restricted and closed down as a person.  Stuart Wilde

© Stuart Wilde 2013 –

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