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Understanding Is The Key To Enlightenment

Have you every seen something bad happen to someone and either said yourself or heard someone say karma came back and got them. I personally have heard it too many times to count. I have yet to ask anyone if they believe in karma and get a no answer in return. So why is it that no one pays attention to karma unless it is coming back to someone in a negative way? Karma only gives consequences so as to guide you back to being a good person. Karma is not like breaking the laws. Where if you do not get caught you have no consequences. Karma sees all you think and do. Then returns the same back to you. Karma is absolute and has been at work in your life since you were born.

Open your mind for a minute to the possibility that in gods creation of us he also put in us a automatic system that rewards and punishes us for all of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Be them good or bad.  We are societal creatures, not solitary. So within us is a inherent guiding principle of the difference between what is good or what is bad in our interaction and treatment of others. Read this research on very young children…  HERE .

Lets take this thought a step further and say the in the creation of this guiding principle of good and bad he also added automatic rewards or consequences for the adherence to or failure there of. To exist in a society there has to be a basic set of rules that allows each of us to be a part of a society.  Because here again we are not solitary creatures. Why can this basic set of rules not be within us?

It is within us, it is called karma. The bible does not call it karma it says that each person shall reap what they sow.  Karma functions in each of us with rewards and consequences based solely 0n our thoughts, feelings, and actions and returns the same back to us in like kind.  Just as god either blesses us or gives us consequences for what we sow. These two principles mirror each other.

One indicator that god is behind this automatic rewards and consequences system within us. Because god holds the trump card to everything. That card is called forgiveness.  He can forgive you for mistakes made in your life.  So the next time your karma is coming back upon you and is really hampering your happiness or situation in life. Seek gods forgiveness and get back in his good graces and in short order you will see a positive change in the karma coming back to you..

God gave us free will. But there are limits to this free will when it comes to being less than good to his other believers. And god personally does not to send his consequence every time you do something bad. It automatically comes back to you. Just as your life is enriched daily if you remain in his good graces.  God is the almighty,  I believe there is nothing he cannot do. But my mind has a hard time wrapping around the concept that he watches each of his billions of believers every second of every day. And hands out good graces or consequences every second of everyday to each of us.  It makes more sense to me that this is automatically done.

At the end of our life when we stand in judgement god merely has to look at your life and where you are at in your karma cycle. And what kind of life you lived will be very apparent.

Karma is a missing link in your life. If you get in tune with yourself and closely have a look at your thoughts, feelings and actions towards yourself and others. Then look closely at how these are impacting your life. This self awareness will help you make meaningful changes to your life. Then have a ripple effect to all who you come in contact with.

The decision is your to make. If you open your mind to the base meaning of karma. Then apply these principles to yourself. You will begin a journey that will lead you to the life you seek. And this in turn will enrich the lives of those around you and begin the process of making a more peaceful world.

Start your journey today by Putting a touch of karma in the palm of your hand.

The Founders.

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.
Howard Zinn

Karma Happens

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